Guidelines for completing the online supervisors’ training module, Part B

Participants must:
•Complete training on a laptop or desktop computer (not on a mobile device). If he/she attempts to take the training on a mobile device, it will not function properly.

•Follow the sequence of slides step-by-step to complete the training. If he/she attempts to omit slides using the table navigation provided by the table of contents, the training will not function properly.

•Provide identifying information including: name, email address and school and district or university affiliation at the end of the training.

•Respond to all questions to receive a certificate of completion for Part B.

Please note:
•The training should take approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes to complete. Should the participant spend less than 75 minutes working through the module, he/she will be asked to retake it.

•The email report sent to the university training coordinator will include: the date the training was completed and the time the participant spent in the training module.


Qualifications of Supervising Teachers Local P-12 teachers who will be supervising a Midway College student teacher must complete and submit this form at the beginning of a student teacher’s 8-week placement.  The information is shared with the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.  The EPSB will cross-check your information to
  • verify your qualifications to supervise a student teacher, and
  • process your payment for providing the student teaching experience
Student Teacher Evaluation Form:  The local P-12 supervising teacher must complete this form on the student teacher at the end of the 8-week placement online.  A copy of a blank Student Teacher Evaluation Form is in the Midway College Student Handbook Part III: Student Teaching (Appendix F) that all supervising teachers and student teachers receive.
  1. Complete the form electronically (direct entry to the Midway data base).
  2. Print out two (2) copies of the completed form.
  3. Meet with the student teacher to discuss your evaluation and give a signed copy to the student teacher. (The other copy is your personal copy.)
  4. The student teacher will present the signed copy to  the Midway College student teacher faculty member.
  5. The Midway College student teacher faculty member will meet with you to review your evaluation results prior to when he or she determines the student’s grade for EDU 498 Student Teaching.

Midway College uses the student’s results by standard from the database as a major piece of evidence in recommending the student for certification (Checkpoint 3: Program Completion).

Evaluation of the Midway Program  The local P-12 supervising teacher is asked to provide feedback to Midway College on the teacher education program, based on experiences with Midway students and faculty.

For any questions on use or content of the forms or If you have difficulty completing the form electronically, contact
Dante Sweatt, Midway Teacher Education Technology Assistant

Midway College • 512 East Stephens St., Midway, KY 40347 • (859) 846-4421 • Admissions: (800) 755-0031webmaster